Acer Aspire R3600 Review?

This would be a really neat Device and its already in Stocks here in Germany, shipping for 299 EUR.

I’m wondering why

1.) There are no really good reviews out there (Nor infos on the manufacturers site)

2.) They didn’t mount a slim Optical Drive

3.) Atom n330would have been a better alternative to the mounted 230

Acer says they will be selling an alternative with a bigger (250 GB) hardDrive and more Memory for 330 EUR. Lets’ hope they Change to the n330, add the slim Drive and i’ll get one immediately.


2 Responses to Acer Aspire R3600 Review?

  1. OYM says:

    It look likes a mini-pc..

    Is that one, or is it just an additional device for laptops?

  2. rubens says:

    well, its a nettop so you can use it as standalone, plug in an external Blue Ray Player and enjoy HD movies or play video games…



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