simple scriptaculous Autocomplete with DWR & select – Boxes

coming across this really nice scriptaculous autocomplete feature on


i wanted a simple solution to use this Function. I’m using DWRUtil.addOptions to fill my select boxes with values. These selectBoxes already serve as proposal-Values for the correlating Input-Fields. So i had all the data needed to create a nice type-ahead system, without performance – impact, already loaded onto the page.

i’d didn’t want an Ajax – request to be sent out each time the user types in a letter. So the only thing i needed to do was to parse the data provided in the select box and give it to the Autocompleter.local. For that purpose i created a simple javascript function named “genAutocomplete” that is being called after the DWRUtil.addOptions.

// configGroupSelect: the select box filled by DWRUtil.addOptions

// configGroup the input field, filled by the autocomplete

// config_list the div-id with the suggested values

function genAutocomplete(){

var mySelect= document.getElementById(‘configGroupSelect’);

var i;

var resultArray=new Array();
for (i=0; i < mySelect.options.length; i++) {
resultArray[i] =mySelect.options[i].value;

new Autocompleter.Local(‘configGroup’, ‘config_list’, resultArray, {});


Rubén Parés-Selders


35 Responses to simple scriptaculous Autocomplete with DWR & select – Boxes

  1. Alice says:

    I am trying the same but invain i dont see the values for mySelect and the resultArray is null. can u explain me why??


  2. rubens says:

    if the select is empty, you\’ll have some problems with the function triggered with DWRUtil.addOptions. If this function returns no data, the select keeps being empty.

  3. rubens says:

    for a test put some hardcoded into the select and repeat the test..if the resultArray keeps being empty, mabe you have a typo referring to the select-name..

  4. Alice says:

    Thanks! I got it worked! This post was very useful to me! Thanks again!!!!

  5. Alice says:

    Actually i did not use DWRtil.addOptions since i dont want to display any of those strings in another select box so i just called productManager.getPersons() and then the data which i get from the same is being sent to genAutocomplete(data) . This data is being passed to the new Autocompleter.Local(’configGroup’, ‘config_list’, data, {}); Hope u got my point!! Thank you very much for such a quick reply! thanks!

  6. Alice says:

    I am back. This time i am trying to use Ajax.Autocompleter The reason i want to do this instead of Autocompleter.local is its very slow when i use local even afterr caching. And i need help here.

    new Ajax.Autocompleter(‘contact_name’, ‘contact_name_auto_complete’, ‘/ajax/auto_complete_for_contact_name’, {})

    And i want to know what is ‘/ajax/auto_complete_for_contact_name’. How is the data being populated. And my environment is spring and java. So if anyone could help me how this whole is working i would be really glad. The constructor is new Ajax.Autocompleter(‘id’,’upd’, ‘/url/’, { tokens: ‘,’ })
    But what is this url? and howshould i define? please let me know!!


  7. rubens says:

    @Alice and others encounting performance issues with the approach presented here: If you can afford to generate Ajax callbacks to the backend (bandwith constraints where the driver for the local approach) I recommend this nice step by step guide presented by Jettro Coenradie based on work of Bram Smeets from DWR presented here:

    More information can be found in this relating thread:

  8. bruce says:


    Did you every get the response you needed? I have a similar situation coming up and I will need a solution also.

  9. keno says:

    can u make it more readable? like step by step basis! i need this code! coz i have a problem in my select list dwr! i need a editable select list so i can choose or type on a select box! is that posible using dwr?

  10. Finicking says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Finicking!!!!

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  17. […] 包含了一个 Autocompleter.Local 函数,该函数可以与DWR融为一体。使用’Local’版本并远程协同DWR工作比使用’Remote’ 版本容易的多,因为后者还需要知道服务端怎样工作。更多有所帮助的信息请参考这封在 dwr-users 邮件列表的信 ,或者Rubens的这篇博文。 […]

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